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The day Nirvana opened for the Violent Femmes

The Big Day Out (BDO) started in 1992 as a one-off show at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. That year the Violent Femmes were the main act and the support act was a little-known band from Seattle called Nirvana.

I have a friend who constantly reminds me of the fact that she attended the first BDO and I have to admit that I am incredibly envious of the fact that she got to see Nirvana just at the time that they were becoming huge all over the world. The funny thing is that she was actually a Violent Femmes fan and bought tickets to the BDO to see them and not Nirvana.

From those humble beginnings in Sydney, the festival grew to be the largest and best-known music festival in Australia. The last BDO was held in 2014 and there are no plans at this stage to resuscitate the event.

An interesting fact is that the punk band, the Cosmic Psychos played both the first and the last BDOs.

Check out this video from the first BDO.

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